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Startup Made in Italy


Our products are created to reinvent the shopping experience. An elegant design modeled on a single shape, able to change its functionality.

Thanks to the interchangeable accessories you can create your coordinated and customized furniture.


ombrellosicuro was born in January 2017 after over 156 tested solutions, a startup founded by the the twenty-one years old Federico Morello.


Riuni designs, manufactures and markets, therefore it's able to propose tailor-made solutions.


The entire supply chain is Made in Italy


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Stop forget your umbrella!

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Order, security and cleanliness
Stop dangerous wet umbrellas or messy umbrellas inside your business.


Easy to use and hygiene

The ashtray solution that is not easy to clean, and odorous cigarettes


Practicality and discretion

Avoid unstable baskets with visible bags


Reversibility and adaptability

The furniture adapts quickly to the needs of your business. Change the parts and create new features at your product.

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